A London mother is speaking out after her child was dropped off at a bus stop, twice, when she was supposed to be in an after-school program.

Sheri Widmeyer is glad her worst fears didn’t come true, “She could have been hit by a car, she could have been taken.”

In each case her daughter Taylor was dropped off while staff at the school, the after-school program and the school bus company didn’t realize their mistake.

The first time, a neighbour noticed the little girl about 45 minutes after she’d been dropped off.

Widmeyer says “They thought that I had forgotten her and I was like, ‘She’s not even supposed to be here, she’s supposed to be in the after-school program.’”

While all three groups involved promised to implement new safeguards, the same thing happened again on Monday.

The second time, Taylor says she approached a stranger to call her mom, even though she knew better, because she felt she had no choice.

Fortunately, the man stayed with the girl until her mother arrived. The understandably upset single mom went straight back to the school to try to figure out how it happened again.

Colin Milligan, principal of Princess Anne French Immersion Public School, admits this was an unacceptable error and says they are investigating.

“Our parents deserve more from our school and our school board than what happened here and…we are going to be working to correct that.”

While the school board investigates, the bus company has taken action, replacing the driver on Taylor’s route.

Meanwhile Widmeyer says she will continue keep an extra-close eye on her daughter.

She says she has considered moving her daughter to another school, but so far she has not as it is the only French immersion school in the area.