London police say five people have been charged after a search uncovered prohibited weapons, ammunition and drugs worth thousands of dollars.

Police executed a search warrant at 812 Adelaide Street North in the Oxford Street area shortly before 7 p.m. on Wednesday, blocking traffic in the area for several hours.

Marijuana, hashish, knives, an expandable baton, over 170 rounds of ammunition and a sawed-off shotgun were seized from the property.

Jamie Clements, 18, Johnny Grebenchan, 22, Mary McAndrews, 44, John Grebenchan, 47, and a young offender, all London residents, are facing numerous charges.

Some of the charges include:

  • careless storage of a firearm
  • careless storage of ammunition
  • unlicenced possession of a restricted weapon
  • three counts of possession of a prohibited weapon
  • possession of  a regulated firearm
  • two counts of possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking