With just two days left in the voting, London has five roads in the top 50 on the CAA's list of the worst roads in Ontario.

Among them, Egerton Street, Hyde Park Road, Ferndale Avenue, Sarnia Road and Wharncliffe Road South.

On Egerton, some of the evidence is right in front of Angela Truman's home.

"So people are driving around into other lanes to avoid potholes...I call a lot of them rim benders. It is the worst road I've driven in the city."

And residents say the road is being ignored - again - because of its location.

"I think this area roads are not treated as well," Truman says.

But Edward Soldo, director of Roads and Transportation for the City of London, says it's strictly about fiscal sense when it comes to repairs.

"A key point is we only want to go in there once, so we have to look at everything like the waterways underneath."

And as spring patching and bigger projects get underway, the city says having five roads on the CAA list is actually helpful as they try to get more federal and provincial dollars to help repair them.

Voting for the worst roads in the province closes on Friday, April 25th.