Calling it a 're-possession' rather than an occupation, an aboriginal family brought a trailer into Pinery Provincial Park on Monday and began camping out.

Maynard George told CTV News the arrival was part of an attempt to “re-possess” 50,000 acres of land in the area, stretching from Bayfield to near Sarnia and south to Kettle Point.

George said the land rightfully belongs to about 100 of his great-grandfather’s descendants, and he wants to see it used for economic development for aboriginals.

“We were looking at revenue. We needed to create jobs for our people and our family, he said.

He added that it was a private land claim, and says he doesn't mind if the government continues to own the land, but he would like to see job securities put in place for his people and for them to have more say in the area.

"I look at my age and I look at my children and they've got to have a do we deal with the future?"

Although only one trailer was at the site Monday evening, more may follow in the coming days, George said.

Park officials say they are aware of the occupation, but no action will be taken at this point.