LONDON, ONT. -- London firefighters jumped into action when one person was trapped following a two vehilce collision Thursday evening.

Fire crews were called to the intersection of Egerton and Hamilton around 9 p.m. after reports of a crash leaving one person trapped.

A photo from the scene tweeted out by the London Fire Department shows firefighters using the Jaws of Life to cut away a portion of the vehicle.

The victim was successfully rescued and taken to hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries.

According to police a female driver was sitting in the intersection attempting to turn south on Egerton when her vehicle was struck by an oncoming pickup truck.

The male driver of the pickup was issued a ticket for running a red light.


This is the second time in as many days that firefighters were called to a crash scene in which someone was trapped in their vehicle.

On Wednesday a vehicle collided with a transport truck in the area of Bradley Avenue and Jackson Road leaving a female driver with life threatening injuries.

Firefighters were able to extricate her from the vehicle but she would later succumb to her injuries in hospital.

Police have identified her as Sarah Jones, managing editor of Business London Magazine.