A private firefighter trainer is facing one count of criminal negligence causing death, after one of his students died on the Saugeen River over two years ago.

Adam Brunt died during ice water rescue training in Hanover on February 8th, 2015. Brunt’s icesuit got caught on a post or stick under the Saugeen River causing his to drown.

His trainer that day, Terry Harrison now faces one charge of criminal negligence causing death for his actions that day.

The charge comes as a result of a private prosecution initiated by one of Brunt’s fellow firefighting students that day.

After charges were not laid by the Hanover Police in relation to the incident, Thompson embarked on her own investigation.

She presented her case in front of a judge in the Walkerton Court earlier this year, as part of a rarely used and rarely successful private prosecution.

But on December 5th, Justice of the Peace Magoulas processed the charge.

Terry Harrison will make his 1st court appearance in Walkerton on January 24th.

A coroner’s inquest into Adam Brunt’s and Gary Kendall’s 2010 death in Point Edward resulted in 15 recommendations to prevent a similar tragedy, but no charges.

Terri-Jo Thompson has also submitted formal complaints with the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, the Ontario Civilian Police Commission and the Director of Crown Operations-West Region over the Hanover Police and Crown Attorney’s handling of Adam Brunt’s case.