The Ontario Fire Marshal is investigating a blaze that sent three London firefighters to hospital on Saturday.

The fire broke out at a home on Clarence Street. The firefighters were injured during a flash fire while battling the blaze. 

All three, including one who suffered second degree burns to the head, have been released from hospital.

Insp. James Hind of the London fire department, told CTV News that if the firefighters were a few more feet into the reisdence, they wouldn't have been able to get out.

"If this was a larger home, it could have been completely different, it could have been a different scenario," he said. "...It very well could have been tragic."

"These guy were literally feet from the door and were luckily able to get out in time."

The London Professional Firefighters Association sent out photos on social media of burned helmets.

“This is how serious (Saturday)'s fire was for our members. The helmets were melting right off their heads. Thankfully due to training and the techniques we use to extinguish fires like these, we are happy to report all members have been treated and released from hospital,” the association’s Facebook account says.

“Our modern firefighting gear has made huge advancements in technology to protect firefighters in the last decade, but the ever increasing dangers of modern fires has outpaced these advancements with how buildings are designed and how the materials, glues, plastics and chemicals effect and accelerate the dangers in putting out fires.”

The public has responded on social media, thanking the fire crews for their dedication and bravery.

The blaze started in the livingroom," said Mike Ross of the Ontario Fire Marshal's Office "And as far as the cause and specific origin of what happened, we've not got to that yet, but we are still considering everything."

The Ministry of Labour is also investigating.