The Forest City's unemployment rate is down for the fourth straight month, but does it mean Londoners are finding work?

The rate now sits at 8.3 per cent, down from the highs of 9 per cent earlier in the year.

But the only figure Phil Crowder cares about is '1.'

"I am actively seeking employment, I am quite desperate right now," laments Crowder.

Crowder, a trained welder, was diagnosed with epilepsy, ending his career.

Since then, he's struggled, losing his home in the process.

With encouragement from his employment counsellors, Crowder checked out Clothing Works, a London agency that takes in donations of business attire to be worn by those in need to job interviews.

Phil tried on a dapper new suit and immediately felt like he could take on anything.

"It's like a whole different world. I can now walk into some place and say, 'Hire me!'" exclaims Crowder.