A week ahead of the deadline to open, finishing touches are being put on London’s first pot shop, Central Cannabis.

Line-ups are expected outside the shop on Wonderland Road at Oxford Street when it opens at 9 a.m. on Monday.

The location will have a staff of 15 and is expected to carry more than 100 varieties of cannabis from ‘Ultra Sour’ to ‘Fantasy Island.’

Jon Conquergood, a consultant for Central Cannabis, says there will also be, "A wide variety of cannabis accessories like water pipes, lighters."

He says pre-rolled joints will also be available.

As for ensuring patrons are of age, Conquergood says, "We have two ID screeners, one before people are even allowed to enter the store, and the other at the point of sale."

The store is wired for security, but it’s hoped it will be comfortable enough to keep customers coming back, and not looking to buy illegally.

"We expect the black market to diminish over time,” Conquergood says. “There simply isn’t enough white-market stores available at this point in time to completely eradicate it.”

While they won’t share specifics, the vault that holds product is said to be quite secure.