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Feds unveil new London-made armoured vehicles for Ukraine


The federal government took the wraps off the latest batch of London, Ont.-made armoured vehicles being sent to Ukraine. It’s part of a contribution to aid Ukraine in its bid to defend itself against Russia.

Dignitaries gathered Tuesday for a brief ceremony at General Dynamics Land Systems in London where the armoured combat support vehicles are manufactured.

The ACSVs will support troops on the battlefield, including transport, command and control, and medical evaluations.

The first batch are the ambulance variant, according to London North Centre MP Peter Fragiskatos.

“Here you have state of the art equipment that has seen Ukrainian soldiers taken off the battlefield, operated on as necessary, given whatever help they might require, and allowed to recover,” he explained.

Four ACSVs are ready to be shipped out now, with six more in July. They are bound for Germany, where members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be trained in their use.

Fifty in total will be manufactured for Ukraine.

“We know that these vehicles will save lives, and we are incredibly honoured and humbled to support the brave women and men of Ukraine as they fight for their security and democracy,” said Jason Alejandro Monahad, vice president and General Manager of General Dynamics Land Systems Canada.

Canada’s total investment of the London built armoured vehicles for Ukraine is valued at $650 million.

“We cannot allow Vladimir’s Putin’s regime to establish a precedent,” said Fragiskatos. “If he is allowed to win in Ukraine, he and other authoritarian leaders could very well replicate that whole approach. And who knows what that leaves in question for global security.” Top Stories

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