A fully automated pick-up and parking garage at London, Ont.'s West 5 development that will also charge electric vehicles got a funding boost on Wednesday.

It will be the first of its kind to allow charging of all types of electric vehicles (EVs).

London West MP Kate Young was on hand for the announcement of funding for the test project by St. Jacobs, Ont.-based s2e Technologies.

She said in a statement, "By investing in state-of-the-art technology like autonomous vehicles, we are ensuring that Canada is at the forefront of the latest automotive innovations and making life easier for Canadians."

The parking system will act as a valet service, meaning residents can have a community-shared driverless vehicle drive itself from the parking tower to their doorstep.

The tower itself will be the test site for an innovative high-density charging system for electric vehicles.

Ady Vyas, VP of Energy and Mobility Solutions at s2e, added, "The funding announced today for the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Demonstration (EVID) project will allow us to develop the world's first electric vehicle automated parking facility: so we can demonstrate that this kind of future is not just possible but just around the corner."

The green infrastructure project is supported by Natural Resources Canada.