The City of London is marking the coldest month on record this February, beating the last low by a whole degree.

According to Environment Canada, the mean temperature in London so far this month has been -12.7 C, that's 8.2 C below the normal average of -4.5 C.

The previous coldest February on record was in 1978, when the average temperature was -11.7 C.

Despite the frigid temperatures, it's not believed to be the coldest month ever. Despite no data being available from the London airport at the time, Feb. 1934 was likely colder.

That month, St. Thomas set a cold record with an average of -13.4, and many other locations in the region where records are available also set hit new lows.

The city has already broken six single-day records this month and Environment Canada has issued a number of extreme cold warnings.

The Middlesex-London Health Unit has already issued seven cold weather alerts for the area this year, with the most recent in effect until Monday.