The father of a teenage girl killed in a crash in London is upset after the memorial for his daughter keeps being removed from the crash site.

Bill Reidhead lost his 16-year-old daughter Krista in a crash on Wellington Road South near Regina Mundi Catholic College in September 2003.

Her classmate Bernard (BJ) Mascunana also died in the crash.

The two were southbound on Wellington in a vehicle with two other students during lunch hour when they were in a head-on collision.

Reidhead says in the past two months, the memorial has been removed from the site twice.

“I just kind of wonder what’s going on. It’s not something I did to someone, I’m sure of that. But why would they take a memorial down?" Reidhead said.

"I put a new one up every six months so it doesn’t look junky at all…so I’m just sort of peeved off about that whole thing that someone would steep that low."

He put up a new one earlier this week, and hopes it will stay there.

"I've gone out there since it's been up there for three or four nights now and I go out there every night after work because I don't work too far away and I just check to make sure it's still there," Reidhead says.

He says whoever is behind the stunt is welcome to reach out to him directly to express their concerns so they can figure out a way to keep it up that works for everyone.

Reidhead says it's important her memory, along with her cheerful smile, are never forgotten.

"I just didn't want anybody to forget about her, and so it's constantly out there all the time…and I have a lot of people commenting all the time. So it just makes me feel good that her name is still out there and just hopefully it helps keep other people safe.”

Neighbours living near the crash site tell CTV News they haven't seen anything unusual going on near the crash site, but will start keeping a more watchful eye out.