The Perth East Fire Department is launching the 'Building a Farm Fire Safe Community' program after $10 million in losses due to farm-related fires since 2010.

The Townships of Perth East and Perth South, as well as the Municipality of West Perth are all involved in the program, which will include videos, mail and social media campaigns, events and presentations.

Perth East and West Perth Fire Chief Bill Hunter says, “Farm-related fires have attributed to over 73 per cent of the dollar loss in our fire area since 2010...That dollar loss really only covers the structure, contents, vehicle and livestock value. It doesn’t account for the loss of livelihood or the emotional devastation that a fire can create.

"With these kinds of statistics, it is imperative for our fire department to ramp up its focus on keeping the farming community safe from fire. Education programs like this are key to making that happen.”

The program has the support of a number of businesses, including Tradition Mutual Insurance Company, North Waterloo Farmers Mutual Insurance Company, South Easthope Mutual Insurance Company and the Perth-Huron Insurance Brokers Association.

Hunter says, “Perth County is largely a farming community. If we can reduce the risk of fire and provide farm families with solid fire safety education, it’s a win-win for everyone.”

Award-winning filmmaker Zach Patton will film the farm fire safety video series, with shooting expected to start in June and a release date in September.

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