The new home for part of Fanshawe College's Transportation Technology Program is really taking off.

Ideally situated alongside the main runway at London International Airport, Fanshawe's aviation programs held an open house Monday.

Guests were welcomed into to the new home of the program where students learn the ropes for repairing and rebuilding everything from small general aviation planes to large jets.

The program offers two-year diploma courses in Avionics Maintenance - aircraft structural repair and maintenance - and prepares students to work anywhere in the aviation industry.

Matt Crawford, who is part of Fanshawe's Aircraft Maintenance program, says "I've worked primarily in general aviation and I've worked in [refurbishment] shops looking after corporate jets and I've travelled around the world. Those kinds of opportunities are available for all students and the program is designed to give you basic training in small helicopter, large helicopter, small fixed-wing right up to airline-size aircraft."

Fanshawe purchased the former hangar for Air Canada's Jazz airline in August 2013.