Lambton County OPP and the family of Karen Caughlin, who was killed in March of 1974, continue to push for answers in her death.

The 14-year-old's body was found near the side of what is now known as Plowing Match Road, between Churchill Line and Lasalle Line on Saturday, March 16.

The location is about 22 kilometres from where the teen was last seen with friends on the Friday night.

In 2017, police revealed her injuries appeared to be consistent with being hit by a vehicle, and that her body is believed to have been moved from where she was fatally struck, to the location where she was found.

Lambton County OPP Det.-Insp. Chris Avery said in a news release, "We know there are people who know what happened to Karen Caughlin. We strongly urge them to come forward to help provide her family and friends with the resolution they deserve."

Here's how police believe her last night, Friday, March 15, 1974 unfolded:

  • 7:45 p.m.-11 p.m. - roller skating at Rose Gardens
  • while there she arranges to spend the night at a girlfriend's house, very close to her Brock Street South home
  • the girls leave and accept a ride with other friends
  • 12:50 a.m. - she is dropped off alone at a second girlfriend's home

OPP are looking for information about a possible party being held in Petrolia that night, which may have been discussed in the days before.

They are also looking for information about a damaged vehicle that may have been seen in the Petrolia area around that time.

More details on the case, including photos of her clothing the night of her death, are available on the OPP website.

There is a $50,000 reward for information in the death.