LONDON, ONT. -- May 24, 2021 marks the second year anniversary of Tyler McMichael’s disappearance. 

Family members walked through Victoria Park on Sunday afternoon, to remind people in the region that Tyler is still missing and that his family is desperately trying to find him.

"Last year we couldn’t come out because of COVID-19, we are here (Victoria park) to try to bring awareness to our missing son. We’re hoping someone knows something about his whereabouts,” said Tyler’s father Anthony (Tony) McMichael. 

According to London police, the then 20-year-old was last seen on May 24, 2019 in the area of Commissioners Road East and Wellington Road.

"He went missing two years ago, he was hospitalized and went missing on a 30 minute pass. He phoned me and said he was coming my way, but he never showed up, we’ve been looking for him ever since," said McMichael. 

Tyler was a patient at the Victoria campus of London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC). 

McMichael urged Tyler to come and see him in Blenheim in Chatham-Kent in order to talk him into returning to the hospital.

Tyler agreed over the phone to bike from London to Blenheim in Chatham-Kent using Highway 2 but Tyler never showed up.

The family asked residents along highway 2 to leave their porch lights on overnight, in hopes of lighting the way home for him on the first anniversary of his disappearance. 

This year they’re asking for the same kindness from strangers, but they’re also organizing meet-ups at Victoria Park with signs that display Tyler’s face. 

"It is hard even seeing his picture, it tears at your heart." 

The family will be at Victoria Park next Saturday afternoon and throughout the weekend of May 24, to spread awareness of Tyler’s continued disappearance. 

"He went missing May 24. We plan on coming all three days of the weekend since it's the two-year anniversary and anyone who wants to join us, socially distancing of course we have extra signs. If anyone wants to walk the Victoria Park and downtown with us."

McMichael adds that due to COVID-19, people are welcome to walk on their own or with the family as long as physical distancing measures can be met. 

To learn more details about the events to spread awareness, click here. 

If anyone thinks they saw a sighting of Tyler you can contact the family. 

If you would like to remain anonymous you can call, 'Please bring me home' tip line at (226) 702-2728.