A London family is mourning the death of their 16-year-old son after he was found at the bottom of a private pool in northeast London last Wednesday.

Javar Goldbourne was a talented basketball player with a big heart, his father Alphonso Goldbourne says. "He's just a soft hearted person.”

He was pulled from the pool and taken to hospital where he was in intensive care until Monday. The family received a call telling them to come to the hospital quickly.

“His brain was not getting oxygen,” says his stepmother Opal Tulloch.  Javar died shortly after.

Javar attended Montcalm secondary school and last Wednesday, he was part of a group of teens at a party at a friend’s pool.

His father says police told him ‑ based on statements gathered from the other teens at the house ‑ that Javar was outside by the pool alone when he bumped his head. He then went inside before leaving to go back to the pool again alone.

He was discovered at the bottom of the pool by one of his friends.

"He called 911 and 911 told him he should start some CPR,” his father says.

His parents are hoping to get more answers about exactly what happened.

"He’s not a strong swimmer, but he can help himself. I’m so upset,” Tulloch says.

"Supposedly (he) used the bathroom and still come back out with nobody coming out is just hard to believe.

“We just need to know what happened. We're not blaming anybody. We're not trying to put a blame on the kids. They did their best for him and we are grateful for that, but we just want to know."

Though nothing will bring back their son, they would like police to investigate further to determine what happened that day.

"I called the police and I spoke to them and told him I would like the statements to be reviewed because I am not comfortable with the statements. It doesn't make any sense at all," Goldbourne says.

Javar's friends and staff members at Montcalm will be holding a fundraiser to help with funeral costs.

It will be held Thursday at the school, 1350 Highbury Ave.

It includes a bake sale and car wash. All donations will be accepted. The bake sale will start at 11 a.m. and run until 1 p.m.

You can also donate directly to the Javar Memorial Fund. It's under the name Opal Tulloch, Transit 0532, Institution 004, Account 5222317.

With files from Kathy Rumleski, CTV London