The family of a woman who died tragically in a crash west of London in 2017 has launched a lawsuit aimed at those they believe responsible.

Rachel Joris was 26 years old and pregnant with her first child when she was killed in a crash with a farm vehicle on Glendon Drive.

A farm tractor was pulling onto Glendon Drive from Troops Road to go west on Glendon Drive.

The tractor was hauling a 53’ trailer containing three spray tanks. As the tractor was pulling onto the roadway, an eastbound vehicle came over the train overpass and struck the middle of the trailer.

According to Millar Law, the law firm respresenting the family, the vehicle was being driven by a 15-year-old unlicensed driver.

“The size of farm vehicles has dramatically increased over the years and the rules governing their use on highways have not changed to reflect the increased danger to drivers. Combine this with the huge increase in traffic flow on Glendon Road and it is a recipe for disaster,” says lawyer Phillip Millar in a release.

“We are demanding an inquiry into the rules governing farm equipment used on our highways,” says Millar.