There has been an outpouring of grief for 21-year-old Jordan Melo.

The young man was stabbed to death at a Hamilton Road apartment early Saturday morning.

Forensic officers continued to investigate at the apartment complex Sunday.

A candle placed in the alley next to his home, and new graffiti on the wall are just a few of the tributes to Melo.

At the scene Sunday, Angelica Vecchio who identified herself as Melo's girlfriend, was still in shock.

"He was only child to his mom and dad. Love and prayers go out to his parents. That's their only baby. They lost everything over nothing," said Vecchio.

A neighbour, Diane Devine met Melo six years ago through her son.

"Him and a young lady were on streets. I gave them a roof over their head. He and the young lady he was with called me mom. If he heard there was problems on the street he'd step up. He felt this is was his neighborhood, he was born and raised in this neighborhood. So he would do what he could to make it best place to live in," said Devine.

Melo's neighbour, Adriano Simoes, 22, was taken into custody has been charged with first degree murder.

He made a brief court appearance Saturday but remains in custody.

"I honestly hopes that the guy that did this, rots in jail and doesn't get out," said Vecchio.