Three families have been left homeless following a powerful explosion and fire at a public housing complex on Southdale Road Friday night.

The explosion happened about 8:30 p.m. and startled many residents who ran out to see what had happened.

Witnesses said they saw a man running from a townhouse unit.

Families had to be evacuated after their units were unsafe.

The Red Cross was called in to provide aid and food vouchers to the families, who will be staying in hotels over the weekend.

The London and Middlesex Housing Authority will work with families next week to find longer term accommodation.

“I’m OK. I’m covered. I have hotel and restaurant vouchers for two days. But as of Monday morning, there is no food, no accommodations, no nothing,” says mother Ashley McClatchey, who lived next door to the unit where the explosion occurred.

“As of Monday morning, I will be downtown at the housing office with my two kids under two, my dog, in my car to find out what’s happening.”

Police and fire officials are still investigating the cause of the explosion. The Fire Marshal's Office has been called in.

There were no reports of injuries.