LONDON, ON -- Husband and wife Daniel and Lynn Grushka fell in love years ago, but it was three years ago that they also found a new love, and that was with exercise

“It’s about getting healthier and being a roll model especially for our kids too to show the importance of living a healthy lifestyle,” Says Lynn. 

With four kids and full time jobs it’s easy to say there’s no time to hit the gym, but Daniel says it’s a commitment they’ve made, like the one they’ve made to each other. So far, its made a difference in their love life.

“It brings the stress levels down and I also feel better about myself and I think if you feel better about yourself you feel better about the people around you and work better with the people around you.”

Behavioural Psychologist at GoodLife Fitness, Dr. Scott Leith says exercise can in fact not just strengthen your body but also your relationship.

“Doubling up and doing that with your partner, you get healthier with your partner. You’re also happier and it helps your bond all at the same time so you get four benefits just by stacking those two things.”

Exercise doesn’t just help with your mental and physical health it also increases libido. So if you make that commitment to work out, you’re more likely to want to work out later at home as well.

“Well it helps with endurance for one thing, let’s be frank,” says Leith. “But also, it helps with the excitement and it tends to raise your general energy in life and your vigour so it makes you feel young again.”

Leith says it’s also easy for people to fall out of love with exercise and usually February is the time of year that tends to happen.

He adds it’s important for people to be mindful that exercise kind of like a marriage, it’s a life change and commitment that with the right attitude can make a happy and healthy life.