A London restaurant is warning the public about a fake job ad that was posted online.

At the Black Trumpet, staff were shocked at the spike in number of resumes being brought into the Richmond Street establishment.

“It came to our attention that someone had made a false profile under the Black Trumpet,” says General Manager Scott Wesseling. “They were excepting resumes on behalf of server positions, and contacting these individuals and stating they were part of Black Trumpet and requesting interviews.”

Wesseling contacted London police, and then took to Facebook. A post warns about a woman named Christine Kim who had reportedly been contacting potential servers for off-site interviews.

“It was unreal the amount of phone calls looking for Christine, and public safety was #1 concern at that point.”

While the intention of this ad is still unclear, it comes just days after London police laid human trafficking charges stemming from an online ad. That post gave students a “great opportunity” to make hundreds of dollars per day.

After a 28-year-old ended up in sex work, police appealed for more victims to come forward and charged a pair of Londoners with multiple offences.

“What we are seeing is every tactic a trafficker can use to recruit girls is being utilized,” says London Abused Women’s Centre Executive Director Megan Walker.

Walker says from fake online job ads, to working a bar, to just talking online, women can be turned out very quickly. She adds a lot of young girls are doing the actual recruiting, and recently with the high price of tuition, young women are desperate for money. It's leading to them being put in dangerous situations.

“There is no real life get rich scheme. So if you are looking at it as a red flag, that ad is likely being put up by a trafficker.”

Back at the Black Trumpet, Wesseling says never accept any interviews offsite, and was he was surprised how easily the person who created this profile could have got away with it.

“Without the influx of resumes coming in, we would have had no idea about it.”