London police have released final stats from Saturday's “Fake Homecoming” party on Broughdale Avenue near Western University.

Police say around 11,000 revelers gathered on Broughdale Aveune off Richmond Street starting in the middle of the morning.

In total Middlesex-London EMS responded to 35 intoxicated patients, seven drug overdoses, seven traumatic injuries, two assaults and three patients who were hit by cars.

That makes a total of 54 responses and 37 patients transported to hospital.

Police say there were significant problems getting to people in medical distress.

“There are many challenges and real concerns around some of the irresponsible behaviour exemplified by what we saw Saturday on Broughdale Avenue and all the spill-off parties in the area,” Deputy chief Daryl Longworth said in a news release.

“Our greatest fear is that someone is going to die or will be in serious medical distress and we will be unable to get EMS personnel in to assist due to the size of the crowds,” he added.

Saturday's event also affected the city's bottom line when it came to policing costs.

Overtime associated with the event currently stands at $31,000. That figure is expected to rise.

“We brought in dozens of extra officers that day, which doesn’t include those in specialized units taken away from their regular duties. In addition, many other on regular patrol were required to respond to the spin-off parties happening elsewhere in the city. This is a significant financial drain on our organization that is ultimately paid for by London taxpayers,” Longworth said.

By the numbers:

• Eight City of London by-law public nuisance charges laid and three more pending

• 964 Provincial Offence Act warnings - mainly related to liquor and trespassing offences

• 50 Provincial Offence Act Notices – mainly related to liquor and trespassing offences

• Eight Provincial Offence Act arrests – liquor related, trespassing, fail to identify

• Two Criminal Code charges

• One Controlled Drugs and Substances Act charge

• Five Controlled Drugs and Substances Act warnings