Another witness took to the stand at the trial in the death of Chad Robinson at a 2016 Christmas party.

Kathy Adams testified Friday that she saw Robinson fall to the ground during a brawl at the party at the Imperio Banquet Hall.

Adams says both Robinson and the accused, 29-year-old Miguel Chacon-Perez, were involved in the chaotic fight.


She then added, "I spotted Miguel standing there...I see him hold a knife with a silver blade about six inches."

Adams, who was at the party with her husband and daughter, said everyone was having a good time until the brawl, but with an open bar there was a lot of heavy drinking.

Later as she tried to leave, Adams told the jury she saw the accused at a fence near the snowbank, and "I see Miguel back there...I see him's like a tossing motion over the fence."

The jury has heard a knife was found containing the blood of the victim on the blade and the blood of the accused on the handle, though the defence has said Chacon-Perez took the knife from someone else and discarded it.

On Thursday the jury heard about a frantic 911 call.

Danielle Fountain-Smith continued her testimony from the previous day saying she urgently called police, telling them there was a brawl at the Imperio and that someone had a knife.

Twenty-seven-year-old Robinson died from a stab wound to the chest that night in December 2016.

 Chacon-Perez has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in the case.