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Explosive evidence heard from the accused at Nathaniel Veltman murder trial

WARNING: The videos and the details in this article may be disturbing to some viewers

In a London Police Service interview room moments after his arrest, Nathaniel Veltman told the investigating officer he didn’t regret doing what he did, claiming that it was revenge for crimes he believes were committed by Muslims.

The 22-year-old Veltman admitted that he was rambling on and on to Det. Micah Bourdeau.

He said, “I want the world to know why I did, what I did.”

Veltman acknowledged that he killed four people by crashing into them, saying that he knew they were Muslim from the clothes they were wearing.

As he sat and fidgeted, the accused told the officer, “I decided this is it, I’m going to commit a terrorist attack...I wanted to give Muslims a taste of their own medicine.”

Veltman said that once he turned 18, he got interested in politics and the Donald Trump 2016 election, saying, “That’s the moment I discovered the media was dishonest...I went right down the rabbit hole.”

He continued by saying the media is, “Deceiving the public that it’s white people that are the violent just filled me with anger and such rage.”

He said western governments don’t defend his freedom of speech.

Veltman said he started a plan in March of 2021, “I don’t think anybody would have any idea what I was planning...this was 100 per cent politically motivated.”

He said he drove around on June 6, 2021, until finding somebody, “I was just like, ‘Just do it.’” At that time, the Afzaal family was walking along Hyde Park Road in west London when they were run over.

Mother Madiha, father Salman, daughter Yumnah, and grandmother Talat, were all killed in the crash. The lone survivor was a 9-year-old boy who is now living with relatives.

Veltman plead not guilty to four counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder.

At one point, Veltman said while doing online schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic, he felt like he was in jail and that he was going insane.

Veltman said the crash was, “Very damaging to my soul, but that’s what I had to was surprisingly easier than I thought, as I put my foot to the pedal.”

The accused told police he had a helmet and bulletproof vest on at the time of the crash and had knives and a machete in his pick-up truck.

The Crown’s case resumes on Monday. Top Stories

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