The London Humane Society has confiscated a large number of exotic reptiles it says were living in deplorable conditions.

Among the animals were a four-foot argentine tegu, several ball pythons and bearded dragons.

They were found in a London home during a police investigation, that's when the London Humane Society (LHS) was called in.

LHS investigator Chris Chew describes the conditions as upsetting.

"A lack of food, or if there was food present it had obviously been left for some time decomposing. Fecal matter was left uncleaned, water had feces, dirt, debris inside of it, bugs everywhere. Just overall completely unacceptable."

Because of that 14 South American and African exotic animals were removed from the home, including several exotic fish which were in a large tank that wasn't filtering water.

Judy Foster, LHS execuitve director, says these are animals that require a lot of resources.

"We've got a couple savannah monitors here and they will grow up to six feet, so you're looking at a significant amount of space that's required in order to house them appropriately."

Most of the reptiles also require a climate of between 110 and 130 degrees, but when they were removed there was no heat on inside the residence.

"I don't think people really appreciate how much work a reptile is," Foster adds. "And that's one of the messages we want to get out, is that reptiles are not an easy pet to maintain, they do require care and they do require time."

While many are sold as household pets, Chew says "You need to maintain it, keep the hygiene up, gives the animal the opportunity to thrive properly."

The humane society will be transferring the reptiles and fish to a sanctuary where they will be used as a teaching tool.

The owner of the exotic reptiles has been charged.