EXETER, ONT. -- Murray Greene saluted members of the Exeter Legion as they paraded past his house tonight. A fitting tribute for the the World War II veteran who celebrated his 100th birthday Tuesday.

“I’ve told everyone this is something people would do for you, when you pass away, but I’m here to see it all. And that’s the best,” says the long time Exeter resident.

Since a party was out of the question due to Covid restrictions, members of the Exeter Legion brought their 100th birthday wishes to “Sir” Murray Greene’s front door this evening, along with the fire department, dignitaries, friends, and family.

“I can’t stress how important Murray is, how important all our veterans are. I’m just happy we could do this small thing for him on his 100th birthday,” says Exeter Legion President, Jon Corbett.

Sir Murray Greene

Birthday party for WWII veteran 'Sir Murray Greene' in Exeter Ont. on March 23, 2021. (Scott Miller/CTV London)

A celebrated veteran of World War II, Greene is probably the only “knight” in Exeter. He is the recipient of the French government’s highest honour, the French Legion “Chevaliers”, recognizing his heroism in liberating France. With the award comes the title of “Sir” Murray Greene.

“I’ve been proud of him for as long as I can remember,” says Greene’s daughter, Bonnie Lafond. “He’s just a good, kind man. They don’t make ‘em like that anymore,” she says.

A lifelong member of the Legion, Greene left his mark upon his return from the battlefield as well, running a beloved corner store in Exeter for 20 years, leading Exeter’s Public Utilities Commission, and joining Exeter council. To keep spry nowadays, he says he sleeps a lot, watches western’s at four o’clock everyday, and has a wee bit of scotch while he’s watching.

“Ah yes, happy hour at four o’clock. That goes along with it, when you’re 100, not before. You’ve got to be 100,” says Greene, with a twinkle in his eye.

While everyone would have loved to break bread together to mark Sir Greene’s century on the planet, this will do just fine, as his community looks forward to another year with their gentle centenarian.

“It’s a nice goal to try for, and I hope I look as good at 60, as that man does at 100,” says his friend, and fellow Legion member, Jon Corbett.