LONDON, ONT. -- St. Thomas will soon have a new active park in the downtown area thanks to a donation made to the Elgin-St. Thomas Community Foundation.

The $750,000 donation from the estate of Donna Vera Evans Bushell will help develop the park and the “rack to the Future Mural Project.

About $500,000 will be used to develop a part at the site of the former Colin McGregor Justice Building.

The Westlake-Evans Civic Park will feature an outdoor classroom and play area for children, a grand piano housed in a weatherproof structure that will be available for public use, and three outdoor ping pong tables.

The estate will also provide $250,000 to support the Track to the Future Mural Project.

The new funding will build on the project a series of murals to be created and installed throughout Downtown St. Thomas and beyond.

Throughout the creation of the new murals, there will be a documentary film produced in collaboration with the Forest City Film Festival to showcase the project.

This is just the latest in a series of donations from the Bushell estate across the St. Thomas and Elgin County area.