MIDDLESEX CENTRE, ONT. -- Hanover police say a 53-year-old man became violent and attempted to seize an officer's gun after fleeing the scene of an alleged sexual assault.

Police were called for a report of a disturbance on Saturday, but when they arrived found a suspect vehicle leaving the scene.

The driver refused to stop when asked, nearly hitting an officer and a police cruiser as he fled, while hitting curbs and driving dangerously.

Police say the vehicle was stopped after a pursuit and the man taken to hospital for treatment.

Once in custody, police said in a statement, "the suspect became enraged, violent and assaultive towards police as he attempted to disarm and take an officer’s handgun."

The suspect was eventually subdued.

Following an investigation, the man was charged with sexual assault, assaulting police, attempting to disarm an officer, flight from an officer, dangerous driving and other offences.

His name is being withheld under a court-ordered publication ban to protect the identity of the victim, police added.