The food sector is providing a boost for London job seekers.

With unemployment in the city stuck at 9.6 per cent, demand for workers in this sector is growing.

A trade magazine has highlighted a 56 per cent growth in food and accommodation jobs in London over the last 18 months.

One employer in the city will be Dr. Oetker, which is opening a plant in southeast London. Dr. Oetker will provide frozen pizza to the market.

At Fanshawe, the chairperson of its food and hospitality school, Jeanine Cookson, says there is optimism among students because of options.

“The micro-breweries, the wine industry vineyards, and, when you look at what's happening in Southwestern Ontario, it's been fabulous."

London is also going to be the site for a Norwegian software development company, Firstline Canada has hired six employees for its software division and hopes to expand to 40 workers in two to three years.

Its products are used in mining, aerospace and defence industries.