Shock, sadness, concern - residents at a London highrise are coming to terms with an unthinkable situation.

A six-year-old girl is reportedly recovering after being stabbed in her home, while her mother, 29-year-old Erica Ehikwe, has been charged with attempted murder.

Emergency crews responded to 114 Arbour Glen Cres. on Thursday morning, transporting the girl to hospital and taking her mother into custody.

A day later, a small tribute inside the apartment building is growing, with stuffed animals, children's books and flowers.

An anonymous note reads, "May the angels watch over you both in these moments. My heart feels for both of you mother and daughter. I know love was not a factor, you both loved each other. One moment has changed your lives forever. How did this happen?

"How could someone have helped, if mental issues were there. Was it a stupid accident? Mom did the best always for her daughter, for a better life, as we all try to do as mothers. What went wrong? A child still asking 'Where is my mommy?'"

The note is signed, "Sadden Heart filled with hope for all involved."

London police have not released any further details on their investigation, but remained at the scene Friday.

Also on on Friday, Ehikwe appeared in a London court, wiping away tears. She also asked her pastor, who was in attendance, to pray for her.

The next court appearance in the case will take place Monday via video link.

We are learning more about the accused; once a budding recording artist, neighbours say she could be heard singing with her daughter on their balcony and everything seemed normal.

Gary Ingram says, "[She was] always pleasant - always had a pleasant word for everybody - and you know like I said the little girl was always well dressed and looked like she was well cared for and that amazed me."

Meanwhile police are confirming that the girl is expected to pull through.