A London courtroom heard Monday from the victims of former London teacher Jamie Gardiner.

He was found guilty of child pornography and voyeurism after he took secret videos from a backpack in a staff change room at Ashley Oaks Public School.

There were 11 adult victims, but in March of 2015 investigators found that one of the videos was that of a 16-year-old co-op student that Gardiner himself had hired.

There were 12 victim impact statements heard in the courtroom. The women involved said they felt violated after learning of the videos. One woman said she was filmed before, during and after pregnancy. "I feel completedly and sexually violated," she said.

Another woman said she has suffered from depression.

The court heard that Gardiner, who was a special education teacher, recorded women changing into their bathing suits, beginning in 2011. He used a camera placed inside a backpack.

Gardiner's lawyer, Richard Braiden, said his client was remorseful.

"It's difficult for everybody. It's part of the consequences my client has to undergo, hearing how people are affected."

The case will resume October 16.