He was a pioneer in the growing of medical marijuana and now he says he’s willing to go to jail in order to continue growing the crop.

Gary Andruski was the first Canadian given a licence to grow, and smoke, his own medicinal marijuana.

But, by next April the Elmwood-area man’s pot compound will be illegal.

Andruski says the federal government is moving away from grow-your-own farms, opting instead for larger, corporate operations.

The government says it can better monitor and control production under the new system.

Andruski, a 65-year-old grandfather, says “It’s about money, and control.”

He claims he can grow his marijuana for about $100 a month, but using the product produced at the corporate farms will cost him about $750 a month.

He’s also worried the new medicinal marijuana won’t have the potency he believes he needs to control his own chronic pain.

Andruski says “I’m just going to have to stand my ground. Yes, I will be growing my marijuana next year. Hopefully, I won’t end up in jail over it.”