Amanda Dumont and Scott Bakker have each been found guilty of criminal negligence causing death and failing to provide the necessaries of life in the toddler Ryker case.

Dumont, 33, and Bakker, 27, were found guilty by Justice Pomerance in a London courtroom Thursday in the death of Ryker Daponte-Michaud.

Daponte-Michaud died in 2014, three days after being scalded by coffee.

Justice Pomerance said Dumont's testimony regarding the extent of Ryker's injuries conflicted with testimony of other witnesses/experts.

Dumont kept her head down in the prisoner's box as the verdict was read by Pomerance.

Bakker was unmoved by his verdict. Periodically he was shaking his head as he sat in the prisoners box and kept his head down.

Bakker's legal team argued he did not have legal duty to care for the 20-month-old Ryker.

Pomerance found Bakker was aware of the extent of Ryker's injuries and was complicit in failing to get medical attention.

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