LONDON, ONT. -- A flood watch has been issued for all shoreline communities within the Lower Thames Valley area.

There is the potential for thunderstorms Saturday as well.

Friday saw as many as eight inches of rain fall in some parts of Chatham-Kent.

There is a risk of shoreline damage and erosion all along the Lake Erie shoreline, including the high bluff areas, the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority says.

Flooding and shoreline damage is also possible in low-lying shoreline areas on both Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair.

Winds out of the south will be driving waves onto our Lake Erie shoreline throughout Chatham-Kent and Elgin County.

There is a risk that wave action could damage shoreline protection works and cause erosion all along the shoreline, including along the high bluff areas, the LTVCA says.

There is the potential for winds from a southerly direction strong enough to cause flooding along Erie Shore Drive. As winds transition through the east to a northerly direction, there is risk of flooding for the Rondeau Bay communities of Erieau and Shrewsbury. There could also be a risk of flooding on Lake St. Clair and in the community of Lighthouse Cove, with winds from the north.