A day after being sent home from school because of what she was wearing, a London high school student is standing firm and sparking a national conversation.

Laura Anderson went to school at Lucas secondary school Monday wearing ripped jeans and a sleeveless top, but was sent home shortly after.

"I just felt flat out degraded. I was confused as to why they were sending me home for that, and why it was such a big deal," she says.

The student council member was called into the vice principal's office after reading the morning announcements.

"They said that if we're wearing anything inappropriate, we get sent home, or we have to change."

Anderson was told by administration that her top was too sheer.

Classmates arriving at school Tuesday were no clearer on what the dress code is, as administrators can also use their discretion in determining if an outfit is appropriate.

"I think that giving administration that kind of freedom, in a way, to say, ‘This is inappropriate; this isn’t,’ and pick and choose who gets shamed for what they are wearing and who doesn't, is extremely disrespectful to young girls," Anderson says.

Principal Tom McLeod had prior meetings and was not available for comment.

However, the superintendent responsible for Lucas, Sheila Powell, did address the dress code.

"Our principals work together and compare what others have, so they are on the same page. But it is developed at each school and that is done intentionally so the parents and students have a voice."

Lucas students say they will protest on Wednesday by wearing tank tops and torn jeans.

"Students are fairly outraged towards our schools ruling towards how females dress,” says student David Lesser.

An online petition also has hundreds of signatures.

Anderson hopes the conversation will lead to change.

"I'm not changing my clothes. You change your attitude."