LONDON, ONT. -- Outrage continues to build following Friday’s revelation of London Health Sciences CEO and President Dr. Paul Woods travelling to the United States five times during the pandemic, including a trip just before Christmas.

An online petition created this weekend is calling for the resignation of Woods.

The petition on, created by Kim Vander Shelde, has over 4,000 signatures out of its 5,000 goal as of Sunday evening.

Social Media posts have been continuous for the past 24 hours, with the large majority furious over the perceived double standard being afforded Woods.

"As medical professionals they are giving one message to the public, and doing a whole other thing for their staff. So I don’t know if something has to be done with all of them?" says Kathryn Wiepjes, whose 90 year old mother has not been able to travel to England to visit her family in over a year.

The LHSC board said in yesterday’s news release they had met, and decided to support Dr. Woods, that following the same boards approval of Woods travel 5 times since March to the United States. London Health Coalition spokesperson Peter Bergmanus says that casts the entire board into question.

"They’re still standing by Dr. Woods very poor judgment in this. And it shows to me, maybe they are lacking some sense of responsibility or accountability in this."

London West MPP Peggy Sattler says it doesn’t look good when just weeks ago, Woods admonished staff for not holding a high enough standard, while at the same time planning a trip home before Christmas to visit his family.

"I heard from a lot of health workers that contacted my office both at the time the memo was sent out and now in light of what we have learned of Mr. Woods travel."

As for whether Woods will be able to recover from this controversy, Bergmanis believes his credibility is beyond repair. “I think under public pressure, Dr. Woods might be wise to consider resigning for the good of public health policy”

As for the LHSC Board, Sattler hopes they consider the implications and precedence they are setting.

"I would hope the board at LHSC listens carefully to what they are hearing. From citizens but in particular from staff at London Health Sciences."