LONDON, ONT -- A London police officer, flanked by another, sits crouched with his heavy weapon at the entrance of Chancton Court.

The officer is one of many on scene responding to a disturbing report.

“We received a 911 call to the area of Chancton Crescent and Chancton court for report a member of the public, who had a long gun firearm pointed at them. As a result of that multiple officers attended the area and put a containment on the house,” says Const. Matt Hopkins.

That containment covered several neighbouring streets. Police vehicles were spotted on Bexhill Drive and Sloane Crescent as other vehicles blocked off the areas directly in front of the scene. Multiple residents were told to stay inside their homes.

“I heard a lot of shouting a lot of noise. And then a bunch of cops told me to stay in the house. It’s just a little scary when it’s so close to home,” a resident named Hazma told CTV News.

Police quickly acted to contain the situation. Within 15 minutes they had one male in custody - without incident. But uncertain of who or what else might be inside the home they continued a slow advance towards it.

Around 1:15 p.m., police began to clear the scene. Shortly afterwards it was confirmed the weapon was a paintball gun.

Despite the discovery police contend the large response was necessary.

A firearms investigation is ongoing, but police say the two parties involved were not related to each other. An officer says this incident serves a lesson in civility to others. “We encourage people to act and talk to every member of the public with respect.”