A police crackdown on speeding and distracted driving over the Good Friday holiday has resulted in dozens of charges against area motorists.

The enforcement campaign targeted Highway 402 at Glendon Drive in the municipality of Strathroy- Caradoc on Friday afternoon. In a one-hour period, OPP officers charged fifteen drivers with speeding for travelling at 129 kilometers per hour or more in the 100 km/h zone.

Another three drivers were charged with using a hand-held communication device. Two of those drivers were operating a commercial vehicle at the time.

Meanwhile, officers were conducting speed enforcement all day on the 401 at Elgin Road. Fifty-three drivers were charged with speeding for travelling at 130 kilometers per hour or more in the 100 km/h zone.

Additionally, two drivers exceeded the 100 km/h speed limit by 50 km/h or more and were charged with racing. Police say one of those drivers was a 22-year-old woman with a toddler in the rear seat of the vehicle. These drivers' vehicles were seized, and their licences were suspended for 7 days.

Police say speeding often leads to other aggressive driving behaviours such as following too closely and unsafe lane changes. Statistics point to speeding and distracted driving as leading causes of collisions and fatalities on Ontario roads.