LONDON, ONT. -- Starting this week, the province is allowing 45 more pharmacies across Middlesex-London to administer COVID-19 vaccine for adults 55 and over as it expands its pharmacy program to 700 more locations across Ontario.

Originally, only two pharmacies were included in the first rollout, Costco at 693 Wonderland Road North, and Shoppers Drug Mart at 603 Fanshawe Park Road West.

All of the pharmacies will be administering the AstraZeneca vaccine, with some locations offering the shots as early as Monday while it may be awhile before others receive the vaccine.

Here's the list of participating locations provided by the province:

  • Costco Pharmacy 4313 Wellington Rd S., London
  • Shoppers Drug Mart  1224 Commissioners Rd. W., London
  • Shoppers Drug Mart  78 Front St. E., Strathroy
  • Shoppers Drug Mart  1186 Oxford St. W., London
  • Shoppers Drug Mart 467 Wharncliffe Rd. S., London
  • Shoppers Drug Mart 142 Clarke Rd., London
  • Shoppers Drug Mart 1365 Huron St., London
  • Shoppers Drug Mart 104-1680 Richmond St. N., London
  • Rexall 1593 Adelaide St. N., London
  • Shoppers Drug Mart 1657 Dundas Street E., London
  • Shoppers Drug Mart 2300 Dorchester Rd., Dorchester
  • Shoppers Drug Mart 3090 Colonel Talbot Rd., London
  • Rexall 740 Hyde Park Rd., London
  • Shoppers Drug Mart 1118 Adelaide Street N., London
  • Walmart Pharmacy 330 Clarke Rd., London
  • Rexall 1240 Commissioners Rd. W., London
  • Drugstore Pharmacy 626 Victoria St., Strathroy
  • Incare Health Pharmacy 1-14351 Medway Rd., Arva
  • Walmart Pharmacy 1280 Fanshawe Park Rd. W., London
  • Walmart Pharmacy White Oaks Mall 1105 Wellington Rd. S. London
  • Rexall 1375 Beaverbrook Ave., London
  • Greenhills Pharmacy LTD. 2335 Main St., London
  • Rexall Specilaty 841-845 Consortium Court, London
  • Bossons Pharmacy 35 Front St. W., Strathroy
  • Shoppers Drug Mart 100-431 Richmond St., London
  • Rexall 1795 Ernest Ave., London
  • Walmart Pharmacy 150 Carroll St. E., Strathroy
  • Lucan Drug Mart 180 Main St.., Lucan
  • Shoppers Drug Mart 510 Hamilton Rd., London
  • Loblaw Pharmacy 635 Southdale Rd. E., London
  • Loblaw Pharmacy 3040 Wonderland Rd. S., London
  • Rexall 1505 Highbury Ave. North, London
  • Drug Store Pharmacy 7 Baseline Rd. E., London
  • Drugstore Pharmacy 599 Fanshawe Park Rd. W., London
  • McIntyre Pharmacy  238 Main Street, Parkhill
  • Drugstore Pharmacy 825 Oxford St. E., London
  • Komoka Pharmacy 9952 Glendon Dr. Komoka
  • Dini IDA Pharmacy C02-785 Wonderland Road South, London
  • TMC Pharmacy 990 Gainsborough Rd., London
  • Pharmasave 77 Anishinaabeg Drive, Muncey
  • Shoppers Drug Mart 1105 Wellington Rd., London
  • Ilderton Medical Pharmacy 1-13187 Ilderton Rd., Ilderton

The Middlesex-London Health Unit says those eligible should contact the pharmacies directly to find out how to book an appointment.

"With more local pharmacies coming on board, receiving the COVID-19 vaccine will be easier and more convenient for eligible populations across the province," said Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health in a news release.

"I strongly encourage everyone to get vaccinated when it's their turn. Until we receive enough vaccines so that the majority of Ontarians can be vaccinated it remains critical for everyone to continue following public health measures we know work and keep us safe."

The province now has more than 1,400 pharmacy locations offering the vaccine, and that number is expected to reach approximately 1,500 by the end of April, officials said.

To find a complete list of pharmacies in Ontario currently offering the vaccine for adults over the age of 55 including links on how to book click here.


CTV News has learned that some pharmacies included in the list provided by the province were not aware of being included and may or may not be administering the vaccine in the future. Some on the original provincial list have been removed at the request of the pharmacy.