The message is clear - geese, be gone.

Stratford has brought in a combination of trained dogs, drones and dusk and dawn lasers to create an artificial predator to the Avon River.

The goal is to manage the growing population of geese.

Parks staff used to hose down the sidewalks around the Avon River of bird poop a couple times a week, but in the past couple of years, it’s required a once-a-day hosing.

During their daily visits, the dogs chase the geese off the parkland, and the drones chase them off the water.

The ducks and famous Stratford swans are not the targets of this new pretend predator plan.

Staff say the geese aren’t being hurt either, simply “annoyed” into finding another place to hang out.

The predator plan is costing the city $32,000 a year. It will last for the next three months.