A dog spotted outside a London business during Sunday night’s frigid temperatures has caused a stir on social media.

London residents are accusing Hully Gully of failing to provide adequate shelter for the guard dog, but the company says that’s just not the case.

As a dog lover Karen Lane was shocked to see the photo, posted by a friend, showing a guard dog sitting outside its shelter, with temperatures around -20C.

“Do they not have a place inside for this dog to go in?” She says, “It makes me very sad that this dog is exposed to elements.”

The post was shared more than 2,000 times, with many people concerned about the dog’s well-being.

Steve Ryall, executive director of the Humane Society London & Middlesex says, “It’s great that people are watching for this type of stuff and sharing that.”

Officers with the OSPCA attended the location in response to a number of complaints, but found there was no concern with the animal’s treatment.

“We were able to find the dog had suitable living conditions, there was a well-built dog house, some straw bales and steam coming from a water bowl,” Ryall says.

In response to the intense scrutiny, Hully Gully posted a video of its guard dog to Facebook explaining how he prefers being outside and what he had available to him.

A statement was also posted that reads, “We appreciate the concerns regarding our security dogs and we can assure you that these dogs are well taken care of by their keepers. The store is staffed 24/7 by people. The dogs and their keepers warm up together before each patrol. We thank you for your concerns."

With the severe drop in temperatures the humane society has seen a spike in similar animal welfare calls.

Ryall says they have responded to all of them and will continue to monitor the situation as the cold weather continues.

Some dogs do like the cold and a number of breeds can handle these bitter temperatures as long as they have adequate care and shelter, but pet owners are urged to use common sense.

“If you have an opportunity to, bring the animal in. If it is outside just monitor the situation, make sure it does have potable water and shelter of some sort, and pay attention to the environment.”

But, he says, if it’s too cold for you there’s a good chance it’s too cold for your pet as well.