After a woman called 911 about her parent questioning her video game spending, police are again reminding the public not to call the number unless it is a real emergency.

Norfolk OPP say on Thursday a 25-year-old woman at a Delhi address called just after 5 p.m.

Police say a parent questioned their daughter about spending money on video games when their daughter became upset and contacted 911.

The OPP are reminding all parents and caregivers to speak to their children, regardless of their age about the proper use of 911 and to explain that it should only be called for emergencies.

They say it takes at least two officers approximately 30 minutes to respond, investigate and clear the call, on average.

This puts enormous pressure on OPP resources when officers respond to unnecessary calls that can be prevented, police say.

To prevent misdials OPP advise:

  • Make sure you know the number you are dialing
  • Lock your cell phone number pad
  • Teach your children the proper use of 911
  • If you dial 911 by mistake, do not hang up. Stay on the phone so the dispatcher can ascertain your safety and let them know it was a mistake.