LONDON, ONT. -- London city council has voted unanimously to expropriate 100 Stanley Street, the home of Nan Finlayson, for the widening of Wharncliffe Road.

Despite ongoing efforts to save the heritage home and its gardens, the city made the decision to go ahead with expropriation on Tuesday night.

However, negotiations will continue to come to an agreement with Finlayson, according to the city.

The decision means that, unless the house is moved to a new location, it could be coming down.

Hearing the decision, Finlayson says she'll stay at 100 Stanley "for as long as I can...I've looked at houses and there's nothing that compares to the house I will be leaving and I really don't know what I'll do."

Nan's house

As recently as this past weekend, supporters continued to rally in hopes of halting the demolition of the home, and a number of her supporters were with her at city hall to hear the decision.