The daughter of one of Elizabeth Wettlaufer's murder victims has filed a multi-million dollar civil lawsuit against two nursing homes and a number of other health care organizations.

Susan Horvath is seeking $12.5 million for death of her father.

"I'm fighting for my dad and all the seniors that have suffered and for all of those that are dead and can't speak up. I'm sticking to my guns on this, even if it kills me," she tells CTV London.

Horvath's father, 75-year old Arpad Horvath, was killed in 2014 at Meadow Park Long Term Care in London.

According to the statement of claim filed Thursday, Horvath has endured excessive mental anguish since her father's death.

She claims she suffers from ongoing severe and permanent psychological injuries including severe paranoia, anxiety, and depression.

"I have a lot of medical conditions now. I need care. I don't know if I'll be able to get back to work anymore. Look at me, I'm a wreck. I'm getting worse. It's not good."

Wettlaufer admitted to killing eight patients in her care, when she worked as a nurse and has been sentenced to life with no chance of parole for 25 years.

Wettlaufer killed her victims over a 10-year period by injecting them with fatal doses of insulin.

There are 18 defendants listed in the lawsuit. Including Meadowpark Long Term Care, Centric Health Corporation, Classic Care Pharmacy Corporation, Caressant-Care Nursing and Retirement Home and the Ontario Nurses Association.

Horvath's lawyer, Nigel Gilby, says they failed to do what they should have done to protect and properly look after the people that were in their care, and that were vulnerable.

"They are ultimately responsible and they failed in their responsibilities. The claim here in the civil lawsuit is based upon negligence and that they either did something they shouldn't have done, or I think more in this case, they failed to do something they should have done," says Gilby.

None of the statements of claim have been proven in court.