A judge says arguments from both sides will need to be heard before a decision can be made on whether to reopen the case against Jonathon Rick and Cynthia Anderson.

It was a shocking turn of events at the London courthouse, as the two – already convicted on a number of charges – were expecting to hear their sentence.

Rick, 38, and 36-year-old Anderson were accused of confining and sexually torturing a woman for what police at the time called a ‘considerable’ period of time prior to their involvement in August 2011.

The two were found guilty of aggravated assault, aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault, assault with a weapon and unlawful confinement on March 21st. Rick was found guilty of an additional five charges.

To protect the identity of the victim, who was known to the accused, police did not release the exact location in south London where the incidents allegedly took place.

During her testimony, the woman described torture that included beatings, being confined to a closet, being whipped with an electrical cord and being burned with a heated vegetable peeler.

But the defence is now requesting the case against Rick and Anderson be reopened after a disc and other new evidence were discovered.

The information was reportedly provided to police by the brother of the victim just days ago. 

The application to reopen states that during a conversation with police the brother contends the victim had lied regarding her allegations; that her injuries were self-inflicted and that her actions were premeditated. 

The claim also reportedly gave a credible motive for the fabrications.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Lynne Leitch has set July 10th as the date for those arguments to be heard.