The City of London has released its rankings of the most dangerous intersections for drivers and pedestrians, but it's using different criteria than the police.

The London Police Service ranks the roads based on the total number of collisions, but the city is using the number of severe injuries to determine the worst.

Looking at data from 2008 to 2011, the city says the most dangerous intersection is Highbury Avenue and Oxford Street.

That intersection saw 51 severe collisions that resulted in 38 severe personal injuries over the four-year period.

In second place, Commissioners Road East and Wharncliffe Road South, which saw 36 severe injuries.

Both intersections rank higher than the city's biggest intersection, Wellington and Commisioners Roads, which ranks fourth with 26 severe injuries.

London police Sgt. Amanda Pfeffer says "You can correlate the larger intersections and the wider roadways with the higher speed intersections as those intersections where we're likely to see more serious collisions."

That's always been the case and according to police, bad driving behaviour is usually to blame

"We see people becoming impatient at intersections, nobody wants to wait until it's safe."

The city also looked at the most dangerous intersections for pedestrians, with Cheapside and Maitland Streets topping the list.

The intersection saw 11 severe collisions that resulted in seven severe injuries.

A crosswalk with a light and a traffic bump have been put in place, but neighbours say it hasn't slowed traffic much.

But police also say we shouldn't just be blaming the drivers, as it's often pedestrians who aren't following the rules of the road.