Frustration continues for clients of a London spa who say they have been left in the dark after pre-paying for services that they have yet to receive.

CTV News brought you the story about the difficulties Avid MediSpa was having at the beginning of July, and it appears the situation may have gotten worse.

Nazia Bhatti is frustrated for paying for service she has has yet to use.

"About $400, yeah and to me that's a lot of money. I'm a student and I only work part time," she says.

Bhatti has been a client of Avid Medispa for over a year now and says up until her last treatment this past May she's never had a problem, but then things got strange.

"I called every single day since the beginning of July, but can't get a response. I can't leave a voicemail because the voicemail is full," Bhatti says.

And she's not alone. CTV News has received emails and have spoken with other clients of the spa who are in the same boat.

Bhatti says she also knows people who are out money.

"A friend of mine has personally spent over $1,000 and my sisters as well. They have been going longer than I have and have put a lot of money into that business as well," she adds.

When CTV News first did a story about this situation on July 8th, a note on the door and a phone interview with the spa's owner indicated that there was a problem with some laser equipment and once the equipment was replaced it would be business as usual.

However, as of Thursday, this note has been posted on the spa door:

"A notice of termination by the building landlord stating the business has failed to pay rent and other charges."

As well, it states the tenant has five days to remove its belongings inside the building.

But Avid MediSpa is still selling package deals on the Groupon website.

Bhatti says she emailed Groupon to ask it to take down the advertisement, but it says it can't do that without permission from the owner.

In the meantime, Bhatti is now trying to get her money back.

"I'm thinking of going down to the courthouse and filing a small claim to get that money back because as a student, I am returning to school in September and could really use that for my tuition," she says.

The Better Business Bureau says it has also received complaints about the spa even though it is not a member.

However, other than giving the business an "F" rating for not addressing the complaints, there isn't much more it can do.

Several attempts have been made to contact the owner of Avid Medispa about this latest matter, but so far there has been no response.