LONDON, ONT. -- The Crown and defence have wrapped up their evidence in the alleged abduction case against 68-year-old Lawrence Thompson of London.

Retired London Police Det.-Const. Lori-Ann Kirk took the stand Thursday and said she was on duty on May 13, 2018 when the four-year-old girl reported the incident in northeast London.

Kirk told the court the young victim had some markings.

“The mother had indicated some redness to her upper arm.” She continued, “I noticed red marks to her upper calf...they were fresh and they were red.”

Kirk said the next day she went to the home of the accused, Lawrence Thompson, after identifying a Chevrolet Impala as being a suspect vehicle.

Thompson was arrested in front of his wife, “She was asking him. ‘What’s going on?’ He said, ‘They’re arresting me, something with an investigation about a car, I don’t know.”’

During the arrest Kirk said, “He (Thompson) was pausing a lot, he was shaking a bit ... I could tell he was nervous.”

Thompson declined to take the stand in his own defence and his lawyer, Lakin Afolabi, did not call any evidence on behalf of the defence.

Closing arguments are expected to be heard Friday, with Justice Alissa Mitchell saying that she will reserve her decision on the case until a future date.

Thompson was charged with four counts including kidnapping and sexual assault. He has pleaded not guilty.

None of the charges has been proven in court.